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Resonance Saga – New Covers & More

As stated in my previous post, I recently took the advice of Joanna Penn’s blog post and took a look at 123rf for some cover design asset choices.  Details here.  At any rate, I spent about a day or so searching for the best stock photos for my series, the Resonance Saga.

I really wanted the covers to look extra nice for the category change.  The Resonance Saga is now classified as Urban Fantasy and second as Superhero Fiction, so without further to do, I’ll show the before images and then the after images.  Enjoy!

Short Change: Before

SC Cover 3.4

Short Change: After

ShortChange Cover 1.5

Steel Soldier: Before

Steel Cover 1.1

Steel Soldier: After

SteelSoldier Cover 1.5

Berlin Djinn: Before

Berlin Djinn Cover 1.2

Berlin Djinn: After

BerlinDjinn Cover 1.4

Complete Series: Before

RES Cover 2.1

Complete Series: After

ResonanceComplete Cover 1.2

And huzzah.  The new covers for the age of Resonance are here.  See you later at the UN.C. North America Division!

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