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Stock Photography & Polishing a Rock

Visiting some stock photography over the past few days, I came across a few images that I would classify as “significantly better starting material” compared to my previous cover material.  Starting cover material, in this case, means the base image or images that a cover is built on.

Generally, I follow the advice of experts when they say that one should not Photoshop multiple photo-realistic images into the same cover.  Man, I should make a rule about that in a later post…

Back on track, I try really hard to rely on a base image and then pop up lighting or image effects around that to accentuate certain details or colors.  I have long since known the limits of my photo-editing abilities and while they are continuously improving, what I do know is that you can only polish a rock so much.

At the end of the day, it’s still a rock.

This has been a rant of sorts marking the first steps of my journey into stock photography as base material for book covers.  It’s generally much less expensive than hiring an artist and it allows me to feel the sense of accomplishment for designing something that looks good.  Some day, I may have to buckle down and go to a site like iStockPhoto, but that will be much farther down the road than I can forsee.

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