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Cover Reveal – Space Knight

SpaceKnight Cover 1.2Ta da!  Space Knight is coming this month … probably.  I’m in the feedback process and making the appropriate corrections, but barring that, I’ll be ready to send this one to Smashwords sometime in the next few weeks.  I really liked writing Space Knight.  It’s a comical & quick science fiction action piece that doesn’t take the job too seriously.  Be prepared for some alien cliche’s and super awesome monsters all packed into 7,000 words.

That said, I originally wrote the story as a prompt to have a continued series, sort of a science fiction companion to the Resonance Saga.  That may happen in the near future, assuming my writing style doesn’t change drastically by the time I return to it.  For now, the story rests as a stand along sci-fi space opera with a twist of carefree humor.

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