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Dark Station – Cover Re-Design

DS Cover v1Two of my stories on Wattpad have been blowing up recently, which prompted this post.  Dark Station and Tales from the Colony garnered he most views out of my listing, so I decided to update the cover for Dark Station, seeing as the original cover depicted the basement of a government building.  The original design looked well enough for a space station, but I’ve wanted to improve it for a while and took this as a calling to jump while the iron was hot.

I kept with the original cover scheme, but instead searched for a good space station interior stock photo and you’d be surprised what material is out there on most sites.  My current repository is 123rf, which has practically everything you’d need for a fantasy or sci-fi cover, from alien worlds to fantasy elves with bows.  I found a cool looking space station hall from a selection of about ten potential pieces of artwork.  I chose one and altered the colors and lighting, finally forming the new cover.

Station Cover 1.1The end result left me satisfied.  It wasn’t a supremely impressive re-design, but it was significant and most importantly, the new cover kept to the original meaning and theme of the book, even closer in fact.

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