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Easy Custom Character Art – Fuse by Mixamo

fuse_icon_1k-300x300Character art doesn’t come cheap if you want to outsource.  Aside from making sketches yourself if you have the time and the talent, Deviant art will run about $25 – $30 for a custom character and a place like Fiverr will still manage the same in most cases.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if a robot or program could assemble a drawing instead?

Turns out, that’s a possibility, with the Fuse character creator, by Mixamo.

You can get Fuse on Steam and the software is completely free to use and export your characters.  It’s made for use in games, so you don’t have to pay royalties for your characters and Fuse comes with a host of body types, clonews_mixamo_releasethes and poses so that you can create almost any person you can imagine.  Granted, it only works on humans, so no four legged monsters or mythical beasts, but for most types of fiction, it’s a dead ringer.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and am finally getting the hang of it.  Take a screen grab of your character in the pose you want on the Mixamo animation previewer and add a few Photoshop filters.  Instant character art.  It takes some time and trials to get things just right and the resolution isn’t perfect, but if you’re looking for some concept art or a decent color photo, I would definitely recommend this software.

Here are a few samples of some I tried out already for the Resonance Saga Characters…

Short Change

Short Change 2.2

The Broker

The Broker 1.2


Leblanc 1.4

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