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UN.C. North America – Cover Trials

With only a few chapters to go with the rough draft and my mind scatterbrained, I decided to use my time tonight putting together some concept covers for the UN.C. North America Division.  The book is a super nonsensical spin off of the Resonance Saga, featuring what is essentially the ‘B-Team’ of the Resonance Saga world.  Sorry, North America.

It’s a team based combat arc and it would definitely be difficult to include all the characters in the cover, counterproductive, actually, but I liked the idea of showing off a squad, so I picked three character silhouettes.  Katherine Sakamoto with her sword, Eugene Phillips with his casual stance and Marcus Stanley showing off his boxer stance.

It took me about two hours to nail down the character art and that was just for silhouettes.  There would have been no way to gather actual character art and incorporate multiple figures into a book cover in a manner that would look good.  The option outside of silhouettes would be choosing one character to do it with, like Marcus or Katherine … or the Villain, Persona.  That may yet be the option I choose, but tonight was just an attempt to get the trio to work together.

One last note, I used a sky shot of Manhattan, the primary setting for spin off.  It took another three hours of tweaks to the character layers and background images before I ended up with something I was proud of and the bubble gum look below was an accident honestly, but I think I like it.

Here’s till next time!

UNC NA 3.1

UNC NA 3.1

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