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Ethan Cook – Stasis Gamer

f4290e856399dce86c16abb17cebec7cFirst Name – Ethan
Last Name – Cook
Age – 23
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Role – 64th Level Stasis Wizard
Book (Series) – Stasis Shock

Born to play the game, Ethan juggled between a stasis dream and life outside of his personal world.  Stasis gaming became all the rage in the past decade, practically mainstreaming a potentially dangerous technology, but he loved it just the same.  Ethan devoted hours to his device and the development of his inner world.

Stasis worked by slowing down bodily functions just enough to keep the heart pumping and some synapses firing.  A person could live for 1,000 years if left unattended, but the problem was coming out of it.  A body exposed to that biological state for too long tended to relapse in a pervasive, chronic condition called stasis shock.  Frequent lapses of consciousness for hours at a time as the mind and body temporarily returned to its familiar state.  The condition often lasted months or years depending on the person.

But, Ethan worked diligently in transforming his online character and sought out like minded friends who felt the same about this emerging personal technology.  One by one, however, he lost them to the debilitating effects of stasis shock.  Burdened with lost time, few gamers returned to the passion that burned inside of Ethan.  Even if they recovered, he lost them just the same.

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