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Ramping the Word Count & Fiction Updates

Word Count so far this week has been awesome.  I broke my writing limits in a number of ways, though first and foremost was the amount of text I am able to assemble into a word processor in a single day.  Normally, my old limit was either one chapter or 700 words … whichever came first.  Don’t know why, but for some reason, I always ended on that note.

However, since I finished the rough draft to the UN.C. North America, I was writing on average 1,200 words in a chapter and can now manage to write two of them in a day, provided I can spare the time.  It still takes the same amount of effort, persistence and dedication of time, but I can finally stack chapters.  So far my limit in a single sitting is about 2,200 words.  I don’t believe I need to change that any time soon.  Breaking my 1k cap is awesome enough for me.

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