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New Stories, New Cover Work

I’ve been working on some new short fiction and I think I’m finding a lot of love in super hero fiction.  It contains a little more camp than the usual science fiction and fantasy I’m used to writing, but I definitely like writing super heroes and powers.  I think I’ve found my writing niche, but we’ll see.  Worst case scenario, I’ve found a personal passion to pepper into my works in the months to come.

Recently, I wrote a piece and finished the rough draft and revisions.  The story is called, Alter Ego and it’ll be out probably by the end of the month.  We’ll see, but I had so much fun writing this one that I want to write another.  The best part is that I’m making use of all my skills and techniques in writing and revising.

At any rate, without much else, here’s the working cover in action…

EGO 1.2

EGO 1.2

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