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Sci-Fi Cover Work – Extremophile

Suffice to say, I had my work cut out for me doing this cover.  The number one rule of thumb is to veer on the side of making it look awesome.  I think that when designing a cover, you can go one of two routes in the design process when resources are sparse.

  1. You can buckle down a choose a resource that meets the heart, but not the specific physical standards.
  2. Or, you can keep your standards and use a safer, less specific material.

What I mean is that I had a hard time looking for alien images, literally one of the rarest material to work with on a stock photography website.  I basically had to decide between allowing an alien that didn’t look like the one I really wanted or choosing something like the inside of a space station.

It’s a problem I faced in multiple books and I made the same decision I usually made under the circumstances.  I figured that, in the end, the reader would come to their own vision, so my rendition of the alien or the hero or protagonist in general wasn’t all that important.

The important thing was that I got a creepy alien on the cover that resembled the one in my head and that the cover’s awesomeness lived up to my standards.  The finished work below took me about 3 hours…

EXT 1.3

EXT 1.3

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