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Super Hero Fiction – It’s Awesome!

UNC NA 3.1I love writing science fiction and fantasy.  These days, I write more on the sci-fi end of things, but that’s another story.  However, what I find that I love to write the most of these days is super heroes.  I love just about anything with aliens, robots or powers and super heroes can have them all, especially powers.

I love writing super hero powers because they function as unique magic systems and introducing what the powers can do allows me to set things up for how the powers can solve problems in the future.

But, they’re more than that.  Super powers are like applications and programs that I design through code.  I tell them what they can do and I provide the interface.  Developing super powers for super heroes comes down to being firm about the logical consistency of the rules and that’s awesome.  Just like programming, which happens to be a passion of mine.

EGO 1.2Super heroes and comics have also been a passion of mine since I was a kid and the idea that I can bring that experience into the form of a written work is awesome.  I want to try my hand at more once I get the chance.  So many authors have fleets of books and while I only write short fiction, I’d some day like to have a handful of dedicated series to the escapades of Short Change and his friends across time and space.  Maybe, I’ll think of other heroes and other universes to save from diabolical dictators.  Who knows what the years ahead will bring?

ShortChange Cover 1.5I am confident of one fact, however.  Super heroes have become my rekindled passion and will stay that way for years to come.

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