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Black and White: Cover Reveal

I made certain I had my revisions complete with the rough draft and also that I finished the working cover before I sent the manuscript for Black & White off to my editor.

Because of that, this post is the cover reveal.

Black & White takes place in the same canon as the Resonance Saga, just in an alternate universe, where something a simple as the press of a button altered a course of events that ultimately led to the nicest character turning super villain.

Gamma, the resonator formerly known as spectrum, ruled the world with absolute power.  He destroyed armies with a thought and decimated countries with a wave of his hand.  Who can stop this menace in a world where Short Change never lived long enough to save the day?  Who can take up the mantle left void by a missing Magnanimous?

“The world is not made of many colors. There is only black and white.” – Gamma

BW 1.3

BW 1.3

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