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Update – The Final Semester & Plans for Fall 2015

Author2015The fall semester at the college I attend started two weeks ago and I am getting acclimated to the new schedule as I type this post.  However, I managed to finish both the rough draft to Black and White and my revisions to said rough draft in the process.

Things are looking good so far and I intend to push out a couple of pieces in between the release of B&W and my next title.

That said, I have a few ideas.

  1. I am considering starting what I would call the Secondary Arc of the Resonance Saga, a continuation of the plot line that shows Magnanimous in his glory, fighting even more powerful opponents and saving the day on a scale I can’t really describe. That would be an undertaking that I’ve already plotted four books for, but I may lay off Magnanimous until the dawn of 2016 or at least until I can see the light at the end of my college semester.
  2. I can also start a more intricate series of what I’d like to call “Origin Stories”, basically short stories about various characters inside and outside of the resonance saga that explain how they became the super awesome people they are.  That might be an option and I could focus on smaller bites over the course of the semester, which would be nice.
  3. I have the option of just embracing lunacy and experiment around and outside my comfort zone and try some new science fiction and fantasy ideas.  I already have a few ideas to write about in that area, so it’s a possibility.
  4. Also, I can check out one of my more popular titles and see if I can’t write a sequel to it in good faith.  This one I’m a little leery of, especially since there’d be a gap of at least a year between most of them and the present date, which would require greatly altering my writing style to mimic an older set of skills.  Really, I’d rather write a new series altogether, which brings me to …
  5. Finally, I can start a new series.  It doesn’t have to be a long one, but about three or more episodes would do for the job I want.  I’m not sure exactly what I’d shoot for, but there’s always the option of continuing Space Knight!

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