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Destiny – Eyes of Gamma

cfa833252736a4d491a9a4f2d1ee9583First Name – Franklin

Last Name – Beaudry

Age – 32

Sex – Male

Species – Human

Resonance – Destiny

Book (Series) – Black & White (Resonance Saga)

The resonator formerly known as Arc, Franklin Beaudry soon developed extraordinary powers after Gamma founded the League in North America.  Franklin’s original resonance was tied to paths, allowing him to send objects flying in any curvature of direction.  It  also made him a top notch acrobat who defied the laws of physics, though his powers worked in different ways as well.

By analyzing the paths people took, Arc could track down targets and predict their next actions.  Franklin simply took this one step further by expanding his resonance.  Destiny was a sort of path, wasn’t it?  It was all he needed to become a top notch resonator so valuable that Gamma personally chose him as his eyes.

Destiny provided valuable information on threats and disturbances to Gamma’s kingdom.  It kept him out of the field and next to the most powerful being in the world, though Franklin never seemed happy standing next to the titan of green light.

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