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Gamma – Sword of Damocles

Akira-anime-guys-20846982-500-523_largeFirst Name – William

Last Name – ????

Age – 20’s (Appears)

Sex – Male

Species – Human

Resonance – Light Waves

Book (Series) – Black & White (Resonance Saga)

Ten years before a climactic battle that determined the destiny of the world, CEO and owner of Savage Steel, Richard Adamson murdered a resonance user in one of Paris’ dark alleyways.  In the wake of this deed, he discovered a small boy who had witnessed the act and, upon discovering his potential as a resonance user, adopted the child.

Richard raised him to become spectrum, a powerful resonance user who saw the world in many colors, but Spectrum grew wily.  He didn’t hold with Richard’s ideals and he couldn’t fathom the consequences of his actions.  He knew no discipline.  No reserve.

In an alternate universe where Richard Adamson never called in his protection, Spectrum killed him and usurped the throne of Savage Steel.  Who would have stopped him?  In an effort to change the world, Spectrum let go of his childhood and donned the title of Gamma, a monstrous being who demanded order in a world of chaos.

To him, the world was no longer comprised of many colors.  There was only black and white.

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