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Michael Flagstaff – Wraith

Zangetsu.full.40752First Name – Michael

Last Name – Flagstaff

Age – 41

Sex – Male

Species – Human

Resonance – Negativity

Book (Series) – Black & White (Resonance Saga)

Michael Flagstaff, the Canadian Hound, was quite possibly one of the most powerful resonators in the League.  In his later years, he worked directly beneath Gamma, which was why other resonators knew him as the Hand of Gamma.

Michael’s resonance was tied to negativity, which allotted him a host of powers, most of which either made him invulnerable or excellent at tracking down opposition to the green lord himself.

Wraith, as most referred to him, prided himself on his analytical mind and his ability to survive.  In the end, he feared losing himself to his powers, a crippling thought that always lurked in the back of his mind, like pieces of his spirit that floated away each day.

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