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Deep Space – Cover Design

I finished the rough draft of a new piece of short fiction recently, so I invested time in designing a working cover.  The title of the piece, subject to change, is called “Deep Space” and it’s a science fiction look at galactic environmentalism … sort of.

As per the rule when I write something long, I break up the routine and write a few small pieces instead.  My goal is to write at least one science fiction and one fantasy, though that may change depending on what strikes me as something awesome to write about.

Having finished the rough draft, I intend to run this piece through my revisions before I send it to my editor.  Needless to say, my submission for Black & White will probably take up the brunt of the time, so I probably won’t see this one distributed until sometime early next month.

Sorry for rambling.  Here’s the working cover …

DEEP 1.1

DEEP 1.1

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