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Plastique – A Grueling Episode of Cover Work


At the bottom of this post lies my frustrating process of cover design from start to finish.  Hope you enjoy!

Over the last few days, I finished the rough draft of Plastique and eventually began the cover design.  I design my own covers and would normally recommend against it for anyone who doesn’t have an art background.

Simple things like color schemes and texture and lighting that we as readers understand intuitively as “That’s a cool looking cover”, the author as a designer does not necessarily grasp.

I don’t mean to stop anyone from trying.  I’m just saying it’s complicated and few projects proved that more to myself than the cover word I did for my newest piece of short fiction …


I worked on the design in a series of steps that ended in utter frustration from the first bit and stopped at midnight.  Nothing awesome happens after midnight.  I had to work the following day, but I never stopped analyzing the design aspects in my own head.

Once I arrived home, I put my fingers to work with new ideas about the cover design and eventually had something really awesome that looked pretty close to the ideal in my head that I couldn’t quite grasp.

Still, there was something wrong.  It felt off, so I browsed my texture reserves, pulled out a surface and applied a brick filter to match the look and feel of my ideal design.  Finally, I felt satisfied and we have the cover.  Look down below for the final cover of Plastique.

Plastique 1.1

Plastique 1.2

Plastique 1.3

Plastique 1.4

Plastique 3.1

Plastique 3.2

And the Final Product …

Plastique 3.3s

Plastique 3.3s

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