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Fall Semester Status Update

Author2015The fall semester is going great for me, if a little strenuous.  I am pleased to say that if all goes well, I’ll have a bachelor’s by December, which will be awesome.  2016 will mark some big changes for me, namely filling the time occupied by college with various other tasks.  I plan to meet those challenges head on.

That said, I have really only two projects in line for this fall, those being Gold Standard and Starlight Flame.

Gold Standard

ResonanceComplete Cover 1.2Much of the same concerning superhero fiction.  It’s the continuation of the Resonance Saga, which will come to a definitive end in the book after the Gold Standard, a piece titled Full Spectrum.

For those of you who have been following along with the Resonance Saga, I have written a full list of primary and side stories concerning the characters and universe, the brunt of which has occupied the last year of my life.  I think books 1 – 3 took about six months from the first key to a release on Smashwords.

As you might expect, I’m about ready to cap off the main arc with these last two books.  They’ll be about 10,000 – 15,000 words each and will chronicle the last exploits of Magnanimous and the gang.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be other books and side stories, though it does mean the journey of Magnanimous is coming to an end.  It’s sad, but he’s only human.

I expect Gold Standard to be ready sometime around January of next year.  Full Spectrum will follow shortly after, though I don’t have a release date in mind.

Starlight Flame

Tentative title for now.  This is a new SciFi Fantasy my friends and I are working on.  I won’t reveal too much quite yet, though I plan for a mix of high tech elements and a fantasy world.

More importantly, I want the word count to at least double my previous works in the Resonance Saga.  I’m aiming for at least 30,000, though I’d like to get to 40,000 if I can.  This will take the majority of the fall semester to put together in terms of the rough draft and will henceforth be my primary project for the rest of this year.

I haven’t tried something like this in a while, both in terms of a fantasy epic and in terms of word count.  However, I do feel that I am up to the task and I want to mark the dawn of 2016 with a super awesome story of interstellar defectors come to settle an underdeveloped world.  Can their posterity survive in a world haunted by the ghosts of the past?

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