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Starlight Flame +10,000 words!

I’m finally 10,000 words into the rough draft of my manuscript and world building is beginning to take a back seat to the flow of the story.  The primary cast of characters have been clearly defined and their motivations made evident.  I figured it would take about 8,000 words in total to get most of the world building out of the way and basically that was about what it took.

5731494894_terminology_xlargeThat said, I found that my story had some kind of crucial element missing in the general plot.  It just seemed too much like a generic fantasy.  I know the idea had been to advertise the Sci-Fi origins in the Prologue, but in my heart, it wasn’t enough to do that and then completely ignore it for half of the book.

So, I brainstormed with my cohorts and came up with the best kind of fix …


Revision-257x300By altering the flavor of the words the characters used to refer to things like magic and spells and curses, I established a style that allowed me to write a fantasy based on sci-fi elements.  Admittedly, I drew a lot of inspiration from sci-fi fantasy games I’d played in the past.  I also took some hints from Alloy of Law, the book I’m currently reading.

I really enjoyed the classification system and the terminology used, so I sat down for a day and wrote up a good draft of magic classifications.  Then, I spent the next day reading through the first nine chapters and making the appropriate changes to the framework of the story.  Some changes were minor, such as word replacement.  Others required insertion and deletion of paragraphs to make the story more in line with the new terms and plot.

tumblr_inline_njdqzbtUhh1t9yo1lOverall, I had a fun time doing the edits and I really feel that the story will retain a unique quality because of it.  Granted, it will seem more like an anime or video game, but I’m fine with that.  The Resonance Saga follows and similar theme and that’s just how my author voice does it.

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