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Starlight Flame – Basic Terminology

Based on my previous post, I’ve decided to share the basic terminology of Starlight Flame as its own post.  I’m doing this both because it will provide context and also because it doesn’t spoil any plot elements that I’m aware of, so happy reading!

Oh, and expect some of the writing to change in future edits of the manuscript!


Relevant Terminology


One who taps into the power of Drive. Those who make use of the supernatural abilities granted by Drive bear this classification. An Allocator usually has a native drive and one or more backup drives, from which they harness the power for their special abilities. Each allocator, while wildly variant in abilities, makes use of at least one primary drive. Depending on the nature of their abilities, they are classified by the color spectrum.

Red Drive

Evocation & Destruction

Red Drive Allocators can summon destructive powers that incinerate, debilitate or otherwise maul their foes. Red Drives require the most allocation for effective use, so most who develop this power choose to specialize in it.

Orange Drive

Conjuration & Summoning

Distinctly different from evocation, Orange Drive Allocators can summon intelligent agents to do their bidding. The amount of allocation necessary to achieve anything above a house cat means that Orange Drive Allocators rarely master their art.

Yellow Drive

Enchantment & Binding

These allocators can physically bind two objects together, stop an object in motion and grant supernatural abilities to others through a method known as enchantment. Rarely seen in combat, these Allocators spend most of their time enchanting items to supercharge their allies.

Green Drive

Healing & Restoration

Green Drive Allocators use their powers to recover from fatal wounds and restore the stamina and vigor of others. Often seen as clerics, some of these Allocators may follow a patron deity, such as one of the four lords.

Blue Drive


One of the rarest Allocators, Blue Drives can’t heal from a wound, but they can sure as hell make sure it doesn’t happen. From hardened skin and armor to buffing others against damage, there is rarely a situation in which a Blue Drive wouldn’t come in handy.

Indigo Drive

Alteration & Transmutation

While simple Allocation of Drive to specific areas of the body can slightly enhance physical abilities, Indigo Drives can take a trait such as smell or hearing and enhance it a dozen-fold, along with increased physical stamina and strength. For the transmutation aspect, some Indigo Drive Allocators can use their alteration abilities on objects in a process called transmutation. Transmuters often retain the ability to alter themselves, but can also enhance weapons and tools, maintaining a perfectly sharpened blade.

Violet Drive

Divination & Communication

Some Allocators can reach out with their Drive and examine the world around them. Violet Drives use this ability to view locations remotely and even access the thoughts of others, though few master either. Very little allocation is necessary for use of a Violet Drive, making it beneficial to specialize in a backup ability. However, the subtlety required for effective use of a Violet Drive makes mastery next to impossible. More often than not, Violet Drives can only witness acts under certain circumstances.

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