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Alter Ego Academy – Working Cover

It took me about four hours, minus the searching for ideal files.  Stock photography is nice, though I will admit the subject of superheroes is limited on a site like, or any stock photography site for that matter.

I can type in warrior or elf lady and find real actors in full costume with amazing backgrounds that are both colorful and visually appealing.  The only subject matter more sparse than superheroes is space knights, or essentially trying to find Han Solo space heroes on a stock photography site.

ResonanceComplete Cover 1.2The images below represent a tiny infraction of my rule: the 50% rule.  I took the time to work on the piece and I think this form is close enough to the end product to share with you guys.  I don’t have a blurb just yet, but Alter Ego Academy is a school for supers and the primary cast have bizarre powers.  If you read Short Change or any of the books in the Resonance Saga, the writing and voice will be the same, just in a different universe.

AEA Cover 1.6

AEA Cover 1.6

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