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Monthly Update – November Projects

I took a month off from writing fiction to pursue professional endeavors, a combination of classwork and preparation for one facet of my professional future.  The good news is that things have mellowed out now and for the month of November, I have some divergent plans and projects ahead of me.

For those of you stopping by, I have 10,000 words written for the rough draft of Starlight Flame, the working title for my fantasy novel with science fiction & computer system overtones.  I am almost sure I’ll change the title, though for the moment, it stays.

As for Starlight Flame, I plan to continue the work on the remainder of the manuscript come mid-December, meaning that I should have the rough draft complete sometime in February or March.

For now, however, I want to build back up my daily word count, so I can take on the challenge come next month.  In other words, I need a warm up after my short break and I have an excellent idea: Alter Ego Academy.  I’ll spring some details in a post later, but the short hand is it’s a school for super heroes and it will basically run like the Resonance Saga, just with a few years cut from the main cast.

As a rule, I don’t like to talk profusely about the plot within a new book until I’ve written about half of it.  I call it the 50% rule.  I’ve got a blog post written about it somewhere around here.

At any rate, that’s about the size of the situation so far.  To recap …

  1. Took a month off
  2. Will take on the big fantasy come December, but first …
  3. Need a warm up with superheroes

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