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Dimitri Gallos – Fullbring

3182685-shazamFirst Name – Dimitri

Last Name – Gallos

Age – 30’s

Sex – Male

Species – Human

Power – Spontaneous Power Generation

Book (Series) – Alter Ego Academy

A man of Greek descent, Dimitri was one of the first supers.  He rose to power from meek origins, formerly a scholar attending a University in Manhattan, New York.  Even with powers, he never quite grew accustomed to speaking with authority, but because of his love of comic books, he adapted to the hero persona more easily than most.

Dimitri’s powers were unlike any super the world had heard of so far.  His chief ability consisted of granting special abilities to himself.  If he ever needed a way out of a sticky situation, one where super strength, speed or endurance wouldn’t cut it, he could imagine a new power and break free of anything.  He transformed into a man without limits …

Save for one …

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