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Mio Hamasaki – Bombshell


First Name – Mio

Last Name – Hamasaki

Alter Ego – Bombshell

Age – 19

Sex – Female

Power – Weight Control

Book (Series) – Alter Ego Academy

Mio was a Chicago born super who commuted to Manhattan shortly after realizing her powers in a life and death struggle.  Generally stoic and reserved, she seldom put effort into her studies, regardless of her amazing potential as a super.  A class 2 without trying, she still got held back after her first year because she failed to pass her final exams.

Mio had the power to control her own weight, which in turn multiplied her body density.  A variable power, she could make herself light as a feather to float high into the air, promptly multiplying her weight several hundred fold to crash down with the force of a tank buster, thus the code name Bombshell.

Her cost in all of it was an over active metabolism.  Overuse of her powers rapidly depleted her body mass so she relied on a special high calorie dietary supplement to keep up her ideal weight.  While powerful, her abilities were best used sparingly.

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