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November Update

I’m glad to say that I’m just about fifty percent done with the rough draft of Alter Ego Academy.

I’ve found that I normally write each chapter a similar length, around 1,000 words or so.  In some of my shorter works, the count for most chapters range from 700 to 1000 each, though in Alter Ego Academy and my longer works, the count has been 1,000 to 1,500.

I’ve been trying to write longer chapters and I found the challenge of expanding my descriptions enjoyable.  Mind you, I’m not fluffing up my chapters with filler, but rather providing more concrete illustrations of my scenes and characters.  I’m also finding creative ways to show how the characters are feeling through their actions.

In other news, I have plans for the remainder of the semester which runs through December.  I’ll be devoting my time and energy to complete the rough draft of alter ego academy by the end of the year and may hopefully have the finished product up sometime in January.  I can’t make promises, because things will likely grow more tense toward the end and my first focus is graduation.  Did I mention I’m graduating?

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