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Resonance Saga – Cover Reboots

For the year of 2016, I decided on a reboot of the cover designs for my superhero series …

The Resonance Saga

Originally, the old covers worked well enough to get the results I wanted and the message across that these characters were superheroes.  However, as my skills in cover design improved over 2015 and my ability to research pictures at, I decided it was about time for an upgrade.

Below, you’ll find the pictures in their final forms, the cover designs for all four eBooks.  I ran my redesigns through my usual channels for critiques and these are the final results that will hit shelves sometime this month.

SC Cover 5.1

SS Cover 4.5

BJ Cover 4.5

RS Cover 4.1

Overall, I had fun with the experience and it took about ten to fifteen hours to put everything together, though most of that was looking for the right pictures and running through feedback to make correction.

Here’s to 2016!

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