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Monthly Update – December 2015

It’s the day before Christmas in my town and I’m feeling the drive to do something awesome.  If you’ve been keeping track of my writing fun, I just finished the rough draft and personal revisions of Alter Ego Academy and Virtual Space, both of which have wildly different word counts.

Those who support me have been pushing me to write longer pieces and because of that, I have pushed out epic stories like Black & White and Alter Ego Academy.  The latter story clocked in at around 28,000 words, making it my longest written work to be published on Smashwords, longer than Sun Sworn.  Because of the season, I won’t be able to put it up for sale until January, but that just gives me more time to write other pieces.

PL Cover 4.1That said, 28,000 words really took it out of me.  I pushed myself to the limits of my patience and somehow wrote the piece in two months, breaking my previous record of 10k per month by a long shot and that was with classes and internships racking up my time.  Man, I can budget my time effectively if I have to!

Still, the point I am trying to make is that I have a much clearer picture of what I can accomplish in terms of a single story in a given time frame.

Novellas may be the limit of what I can write for the foreseeable future and I certainly can’t do them all the time, though I would like to keep most of my written works consistently around 15,000 words.  Thump value counts for something, even with digital books.

So, here are my plans for 2016 as I foresee right now …

Resonance Saga

RS Cover 4.1I intend to finish the resonance Saga Secondary Arc by March, with the first two books “Silver & Gold” & “Full Spectrum” having been completed my February.  These will probably end up being around 10,000 to 15,000 words each, so two months should be no issue as long as they remain my primary projects.  The reason being is that I will have a couple of extra tales set in the future that will not include Magnanimous as the main protagonist.  These stories will serve as a thematic setting for a role playing game I am planning for March, so I want to have the backstory of the Secondary Arc done by February.

Alter Ego Academy

AEA Cover 1.6I do plan on writing the sequel to Alter Ego Academy sometime later in 2016, though I probably won’t start on it until perhaps June or July, giving me plenty of time to get the piece ready for distribution by the end of the year.  At this point in time, I do not know how many sequels are in the works, but there will likely be at least one, so you can count on something by the end of the year.

Now we can talk about the massive elephant in the room …

Starlight Flame

I originally pitched the idea of Starlight Flame as a post apocalyptic fantasy tale with Science Fiction undertones.  I estimated the project at around 50,000 words, with the end goal being a book I could actually call a novel in terms of length.  Now, after writing Alter Ego Academy, I am beginning to realize I may have bit off more than I could chew in a single work of fiction.  Granted, 50,000 words wasn’t too far off from 28,000 and I already wrote 11,000 words to boot, so going back would put my duties at around 39,000 words, an effort that would take me about 3 months to complete if it were my main project.

I’ve taken a look back at my rough draft  a couple times and it seemed written well enough, so here’s my plan.  After I finish the Resonance Saga, I will have time between that and the next installment of Alter Ego Academy to try my second hack at Starlight Flame.  If I can manage, then I will try to finish the work by June of 2016.

In Conclusion

In essence, I will end up writing more words than ever before in 2016.  Assuming I can manage the word counts, my estimates of all three projects will clock in at just under 100,000 words for a total of four complete projects.

To give you an estimate of how I might accomplish this, allow me to deliver you some math.  I write around 600 words per hour.  Setting aside two days per week where I write for four hours, that would put my word count at …

  • 2,400 per week
  • 9,600 per month
  • 115,200 by the end of the year

Just setting aside two days for an ordinary shift, I should be able to meet my deadlines and then some.  My goal this year is not to work feverishly, but to manage my time effectively and practice consistency.

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