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Things Change: Post January Update


As the month of January comes to a close, I have ramped up my work on Silver & Gold, or what is the working title for my current project in the Resonance Saga, Secondary Arc.  The Secondary Arc contains two books: “Silver & Gold” and “Full Spectrum.”

Any work after these two, may or may not exist within the canon timeline (but they will probably be canon), but Full Spectrum will mark the end of Miles Emmerson’s legacy as Magnanimous.  I should have the conclusion wrapped up by the end of February, at least the rough draft.

The reason I want to end Magnanimous’ legacy with these two titles is two fold.

BW 1.3The first is that the story basically will have nowhere left to go in terms of upward momentum.  The enemy that Magnanimous and his friends will face in “Full Spectrum” will dwarf a typical resonance user by several fold and going anywhere from that would do a disservice to the series.

Second, and something I have much less control over is my writing style and the changes it has gone through.  When I wrote “White & Black,” I did a piece in the prologue which was basically a redrawing of the same scene from the “Steel Soldier,” the second book in the Resonance Saga.  I have since written several thousand words of supers and over four titles.  My writing skills have improved to the point where there is a stark difference between this project and the last story in the arc, the Berlin Djinn.

SC Cover 5.1Granted, I am pleased to end the arc with better story telling and more colorful characters, though a part of me wishes I’d done it sooner.  A part of me wishes I hadn’t jumped around to six other things before tackling the end of a legacy.  However, I don’t regret my decisions, because those choices led me to share stories with all of you that I might not have been able to share otherwise.

That said, I need to do this quickly, before the two series’ are indistinguishable.  I will mix the new with the old and finish the fight that Miles Emmerson Started when he donned the heroic title.  After that, who can say what worlds await.

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