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February Writing Update – Silver & Gold


The middle of February is coming up quickly and the landscape of projects is shifting, so I decided I’d put together an update regarding the status of some of my long term goals.  This update is also my attempt to put some things both in line and in perspective.

I recently finished my rough draft of “Silver Lining: Book 4 of the Resonance Saga.”  If you’ve been following this blog and don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s because I changed the title one last time.  “Silver Lining” was previously titled “Silver & Gold,” which itself had been previously titled “Gold Standard.”

I do this occasionally with middle length and longer pieces.  I might come up with a title at first because it sounds neat, having no idea how it will fit on a cover or how much it syncs up with the story, especially because the story hasn’t been written yet.

SL Cover 1.2Suffice to say, a few weeks is quite enough time to hone a title to the maximum.  I’ll post a cover design in a separate post, but I’ll do the thumbnail here.

Moving along, here are my plans for the foreseeable future of 2016, though not necessarily the whole length …

First, I plan to finish the final chapter in the Resonance Saga, Secondary Arc, which I’m pretty sure will be “Full Spectrum,” though I’ve been wrong on titles before.  That said, I’m also pretty sure I’ll finish the rough draft by the end of February, meaning the final title should hit Smashwords sometime in March.

PL Cover 4.1I’m also planning to try something new for this year in terms of projects.  Historically, at any given time, I’d worked on one writing project.  Now, I’m going to try two.  I’ve read about the benefits of working on a double feature and I’m willing to give it a shot, even if it means that my typical timeline might inflate a little bit.  We’ll see how it goes, but realistically, I won’t be adding more than a short story or two to my typical writing schedule.

In terms of my long term goals, everything remains the same, though I will have to make some cut backs in terms of projected word counts.  However, I should end this post with a realistic admission.  By the time I get around to finishing my work on “Starlight Flame,” I may have already found a better way to tell the story.

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