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Virtual Space – eBook Available Today

Virtual Space, the eBook I worked on following the tail end of Alter Ego Academy, is now available on  You can follow this link to the book’s page on my blog for more retailers, if you’re more of an iTunes or B&N fellow.

Feel free to drop a comment on this blog or a review at your favorite retailer once you’re done.  Also, stay tuned for some of the longer releases throughout the year of 2016.

In quick summation, the blurb is as follows …

VR Cover 1.3Erwin Richter, surveyor for hire, scoured dark crevices of the net in service to major corporations. Upon revisiting a back door he established during a former assignment to Silica Corporation, Erwin donned his virtual avatar and crept quietly through layers of files to stumble upon a virtual shaft of projects buried in a forgotten file tree. What secrets did the corporation decide to forget?

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