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The Worst Power


It came up during polite conversation regarding the powers of those in the Resonance Saga.  Not all powers are created equal, but I took it as a personal challenge when a close friend pitched me a power he assured me could not be used effectively in combat in any realistic sense.


The ability to turn any liquid lukewarm might not sound like a particularly powerful superpower right off the bat, but trust me, I could work with this one.  It took me five hours to crack out list of applications, from touch attacks to radial effects and more.  There are some keen advantages to turning liquids from whatever temperature they currently are to a lukewarm 80 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

This character will not appear in the Resonance Saga, however.  I have a special place for her, a reserved spot in a new short series.  Stay tuned for more updates while I put things together.  This will be a fun project while I cap off the Resonance Saga by the end of March.

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