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February Writing Update

The end of February draws near and I have a few announcements and reading content to share with all of you.

SL Cover 1.2First, I pushed two stories to the markets on and other retailers, such as Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore, namely “Silver Lining (Resonance Saga #4)” and “Alter Ego Academy.”

Silver Lining is the newest part in the Resonance Saga and serves as the second from the end of the main series.  Magnanimous finds his hands full with a bunch of Metallomancers in this one.  You can check out Silver Lining on or your favorite retailer.

AEA Cover 1.7“Alter Ego Academy”, not to be confused with my short story “Alter Ego”, is a novella about a group of misfit supers in what is more or less college for metahumans.  I plan to write a sequel sometime this year, but I’m not in any rush.  I want to get the whole Resonance Saga arc done by the end of next month, so that’s my current goal.

That said, my dual projects are coming along nicely.  I am currently writing the rough drafts to two stories.  Any more and I’m not sure I could maintain the divide in author voice and my own attention.  Those books are “Primal Light (Resonance Saga #5)”, and “Bonds of Lineage”, a miniseries I’m starting that takes a different play on powers.


The Lineage Saga will not contain superheroes, though.  Instead, the powers … or Lineages function as a magic system all their own.  I’ll have more on that once I plug a few more chapters in to maintain my forward momentum.  The world building and outline work for both is done and I’m safe to say that I’ve started on both.

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