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March of Magnanimous Begins

With the beginning of March, I have two stories to fill the gap between now and the end of the month.  I’m happy to say that even one will break my all-time annual record and then some.

The most I’ve ever written in one year has been about fifty thousand words, so hot jam!

That said, while I do have two writing projects, the one that comes first is the Resonance Saga end cap.  With that one done, I can focus on other pieces.  Granted, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be writing other pieces in the meantime.  It just means that for every chapter I write of Lineage or something else, I’ll write two or three of the Resonance Saga.

Oh, and I have a title for the cover, though I haven’t started on the art.

Primal Light

Primal Light, imagery from the beast whose mere visage consumed the weak.  Spectrum dabbled in the work of the architects and woke up something the world was not ready to face.  With the portal opened and the progenitors of resonance out of options, the fate of the world and more rested on the aging shoulders of Magnanimous and Spectrum.  The duo unite for the final time in the end of an era.

And that’s the blurb in progress.  Back to writing!

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