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Rosa Evangeline – Silver Lining

tumblr_mdjzmkyWKE1ram5eto1_500First Name – Rosa

Last Name – Evangeline

Alter Ego – Silver Lining

Age – Middle Aged

Sex – Female

Resonance – Silver

Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

A Silver Metallomancer of some renown, Rosa joined up with Alexander Petros (King Midas) in formation of a group of rogue metallomancers known as the Gold Standard.  Between Rosa and the rest of the crew, she proved the least forgiving, often the first to shoot a fighter in the back or kill for almost no reason.

Rosa’s power portfolio differed from other metallomancers, especially Magnanimous, while maintaining certain similarities.  Rosa did not have a passive defense, which marked her as a prime target for anyone aware of her presence.  Therefore, she relied on surprise attacks, the kind that only needed to strike once.

She could fire a silver bullet and tap into her resonance to enhance to penetrating power enough to tear through nearly any kind of armor effortlessly.  She also kept silver in her soles to slow her fall and jump higher than the average person, which allowed her prime vantage points with which to use her main attack.

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