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Sofie Rousseau – Plastique

largeFirst Name – Sofie

Last Name – Rousseau

Alter Ego – Plastique

Age – 21

Sex – Female

Resonance – Plastic

Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

Denmark’s resident superhuman, Sofie made use of her powers over plastic in the most self-serving ways.  She tracked the impressions on plastic credit cards for a list of numbers she could comfortably live off of and often ran in lieu of automotive transportation.

She delighted in mischief and used her abilities for personal gain until she joined the cause of the United Commonwealth, becoming a resonance user to be feared in the wake of the Gold Standard.  She resided in Denmark, protecting its citizens from harm unless otherwise called for.

Sofie’s power portfolio mirrored that of Magnanimous, if only in the domain of plastic.  She stocked her shoes with plastic soles and lined her outfits with sheets of plastic, allowing for enhanced speed and superhuman feats of strength and agility.

She also had a passive defense.  Any loose plastic on her person, which she wore in the form of multicolored hair extensions, would warp to catch, block or otherwise deflect incoming attacks.  She could never seem to fly, but her speed on the ground was unrivaled by most and she jumped well.

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