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Stepping into the Fantasy

RS Cover 4.1Having finalized the last episode of the Resonance Saga is an achievement that makes me proud on a personal level.  In a way, I’ve written my second full-length novel, a full step away from “The Endless Abyss,” the book in which I began my journey into writing, toiling away at pages and feverishly rewriting through high school and college.

My first step away began with Grimoire Fantastica, a short piece I wrote more out of frustration than anything else.  My worldview has changed drastically since then.  I no longer write for the same reasons as I once had, shifted away from the core of who I was when I drafted up that 110,000 word epic fantasy.

Nook CoverWhen I wrote “The Endless Abyss,” I did it because I envisioned a world in which I wanted to live, where I could be the hero.  I did it for me, a personal fantasy I ultimately wanted to share with others, though one that unfortunately by its nature, wasn’t meant for their eyes.  Now, however, I write for others, for those around me, close friends and strangers alike, who’ve come to engage my work.  My words are shaped by them, though still primarily my own.  I write so they can be the heroes, so they can step into the fantasy.


I’m sure the notion remains a tad selfish, but I’m okay with that for the most part.  I want to share ideas and worlds with others.  I want to explore the meaning in life, goodness and the fundamental nature of being human through the medium of fiction, though ultimately, I err on the side of what is awesome.

If that’s a character flaw, then so be it, though I doubt it really is.

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