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April Writing Update – Get it Done First

As the month of April moves to a close, I am pleased to say that I am working further on my writing abilities.  Granted, I’m always looking to improve my descriptive abilities and plotting skills … you know, the whole gambit.  However, my focus for the month of May is word count per hour.

In the last year or so, my word count per hour has slowed, likely the product of self editing during the process of writing.  It got so bad that I would sometimes rewrite paragraphs twice or thrice over, a process that a good few passes of editing after the fact could solve.

Therefore, I’m working on finding a happy medium between effective word count and solid writing, but at the end of the day, a rough draft is always going to need a hell of revisions, so why not focus on getting the manuscript done first?

Some house keeping …

I have two projects at the moment, both of which will take up the next two months of my time.  I am working on a longer scifi novella, Starlight Brigade.  I am also working on a standalone series starter for a new generation in the Resonance Saga, sixty years after the standard series and the characters have some bizarre powers.

More on that later …

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