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May Writing Update – Keeping Pace

As we hit the ides of May, I have completed my rough draft of and personal revisions to Starlight Brigade.  Give it a few days and another look over, then I’ll send it off to my editor.  I’m ready to start on book two, with the working title “Galactic Union”.

However, for this post, I’d like to mention a site I used for the last couple weeks.  I couldn’t have written this piece in so short a time if I hadn’t pushed myself to write at least something every day.  500 words might not sound like much, but as a minimum, it served as a crucial tool for keeping in the game of writing.  12,500 words in only three weeks was, to me, a great achievement, considering I’d have been lucky to crank out 10,000 in one month.

You can set your standards and word count arcs and the site breaks it down by the day.  The best part is that I can download a calendar file and import it into my google calendar, Outlook or any number of free scheduling services, so I get reminders on the days I need to write.

Check it out if you’re like me and you’d rather work with something digital than stickers on an old fashioned paper calendar.  You don’t have to use it for writing either.  The site comes with classifications and suggestions, from projects to reading to marathoning TV shows.

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