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Cover Art Royale – Making Colors Pop

Starlight Brigade is set to hit retailers in the next few weeks, with the other three episodes on the way.  I’ve already completed my personal revisions to episodes 2 and 3 in the series and this post marks my efforts to start on episode 4, Scars of the Union.

That said, I got a little adventurous with some cover design and made some last minute changes to the series covers.  Nothing special, just a bit of color editing to the existing final drafts and since I haven’t posted them, here are the covers for episodes 1 – 4.

It should be noted that the cover art for #4 will probably change by the time I finish the piece.

1 thought on “Cover Art Royale – Making Colors Pop”

  1. Why does that look like the Battlestar Gallactica with the after cut off? People are really going to respond negatively I think man if you ever do get traction sales by doing this. Consider just hiring a good cover artist.


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