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Mid July Update – Collaboration Counts

As the month of July draws to it’s center, I’ve jotted down the last words on a rough draft for “Days of Resonance #1, Pinnacle Plot”, the first in a superhero series created in part by my close personal friends in a Superhero tabletop campaign.  With the pilot done, I think I can disclose that this project has been and will continue to be a collaboration between myself and the players.  While I will be the only one actually doing any writing, at least three other people have laid the ground work in character development and story-boarding.

Essentially, I’m part co-creator, part ghost writer.  In short hand, a GM taking notes.

Meh Face 2.1It’s a tough job, playing the balancing act between writing scenes that will work and also writing scenes that hold true to the characters’ image and ideals.  I want to make believable plot arcs and genuine character development that binds the story together, but I also need to keep in mind the requests of my peers and their interests do hold a good deal of weight in the creative process.  I’ve had to rework characters, sometimes from the ground up after receiving feedback, making this a great exercise in self improvement and writing from different perspectives.

“Pinnacle Plot” will be Episode #1.

“Tears of Eternia,” the second episode, will be an ongoing project sometime in the coming months.  It takes time to host game sessions and it probably will be at least two months before I have enough groundwork laid to begin writing the piece, but for now, I intend to push out this piece sometime by the beginning of August.


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