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Benjamin Holt – Girder

First Name – Benjamin Last Name – Holt Alter Ego - Girder Age – 19 Sex – Male Power – Super Strength Book (Series) – Alter Ego Academy A typical surfer dude from the east coast, Benjamin (Ben) Holt took the title of Girder because of his uncanny physical abilities.  He had the strength of five men and a comparable… Continue reading Benjamin Holt – Girder

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Powers & Their Costs (Alter Ego Academy)

When I wrote the Primary Arc of the Resonance Saga, building effective powers came down to limiting the size and scope of their implementation.  Short Change could only control coins and only while they maintained their specific shape.  Other characters could only make exert the full force of their powers while making physical contact, as… Continue reading Powers & Their Costs (Alter Ego Academy)